The Exoplanet Encyclopaedia — Virtual Observatory


The Encyclopedia of Extrasolar Planets offers an interface to transfer data directly to Virtual Observatory plotting and analysis tools such as TOPCAT or Aladin.

In the catalogue page, just click the VO connection ON button in the panel above the title. This will launch TOPCAT (if not already active) on your computer and send it the complete table (you will have to confirm actions in several dialogue windows).

TOPCAT is a very versatile tool able to plot your data in many different ways.

Searching for data

The Encyclopedia can be queried using various VO protocols. The answer to such queries is a VOTable, which can be passed, e. g., to TOPCAT:

-API search in python using TAP services (see our tutorial)

- Cone Search, for example: 
Such a query can be issued from TOPCAT directly, and from other tools.

- Table Access Protocol, using EPN-TAP:
VESPA Interface
(from there, you can click on “All VO” button to access a detailed search interface)