LATEST UPDATES (major ones in boldface):

- March-April 2024: Added WASP-14, eps CrB, WASP-58, HAT-P-8, HAT-P-20 & GJ65 (nearest system in the database so far).
- Feb. 2024: Added TOI-2010, KELT-19, TOI-3321, TOI-815 & OGLE-2023-BLG-0836 (second circumbinary planet detected by microlensing).
- 31/01/2024: Added a histogram showing the separation distribution for all S-type systems in our database.
- 10/12/2023: Created a new subpage dedicated to circumbinary planets .
- 20/11/2023: Added systems with stellar companions newly found by Michel&Mugrauer(2023) (or systems listed in that paper that had escaped my scrutiny): GJ752, HD9578, K2-120, HD94834, HAT-P-18, BD+631405, Kepler1019, Kepler1035, Kepler1973, Kepler808
- 01/09/2023: Added Kepler-1027 and Kepler-1948, added constraints on 7 binary orbits (especially mutual inclinations) derived by Dupuy+(2022) and Lester+(2023)
- 12/06/2023: Added missing Notes and References to 65 systems and homogenized system names in the "Notes & References on Individual Systems" sub-page
- May/June 2023 Added Kepler-1988. Updated parameters for HD42936(DMPP-3) and HD196885
- Jan/Feb 2023 Added TOI-4145, TOI-2977, TOI-3714, TOI-3984 and TOI-2152
- 01/09/2022 Added 12 new binary-with-planet(s) systems identified by Feng+(2022)
- July-Aug 2022 Added HD93963(TOI-1797), TOI-1452, GJ896, HAT-P-35(TOI489)
- April-May 2022 Added TOI-1860, TOI-837, Gamma Leo, HIP94235 (AB Dor group), TOI-1820
- 28/01/2022 Added 21 Kepler planet-hosts confirmed as having bound companions by Hirsch+(2017)
- 06/12/2021 Added the very tight (8.5au) binary HIP86221, where Paredes+(2021) discovered a close-in Jovian planet
- 28/06/2021 Added confirmed TOIs whose binarity has been established by Ziegler+(2020) and/or Lester+(2021): TOI-141, 172, 402, 564, 640
- 17/06/2021 Added a machine-readable table with the main characteristics of all <500au systems

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