Catalogue of Exoplanets

Sortable and filterable catalogue of the exoplanet discovered so far.

Example queries:
  • radius:rearth < 10 AND discovered >= 2010
  • mass:mjup > 2.0 AND period:day < 10
  • period:day <= 100 AND (mass:mjup < 2 OR axis:au < 5.0) AND mass:mjup != 10.5
  • "corot" IN name AND NOT "b" IN name
  • "H2O" IN molecules AND "transit" IN detection
Check the docs for syntax description.

Planet Mass
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Ang. dist.
Discovery Update


Criteria for inclusion in the catalogue

Physical criteria

The basic criterion is the mass limit: 60 Jupiter mass.

The former standard limits were13 Jupiter mass, based on the deuterium burning limit, and 30 Jupitter mass, based on formation scenario. However, the mass-density-radius distribution (Hatzes & Rauer, 2015) shows a clear difference between giant planets and stars at 60 Jupier mass.

An additional difficulty comes from the uncertainty in the mass value. We therefore allow for a 1 sigma uncertainty and chose 60 Mjup + 1 sigma as an upper mass limit.

We thus finally include planets with masses < 60 Jup up to 1 sigma

Confidence criteria

Are included planet detections published or submitted to professional journals or announced by professional astronomers in professional conferences.


There are 4 categories of planets, Confirmed, Candidate, Retracted and Controversial. A planet is considered as Confirmed if it is claimed unambiguously in an accepted paper or a professional conference.