AMDf-stability Systems

A tool for computation of long-term stability of planetary systems.

What is AMD?

The Angular Momentum Deficit (AMD) is a key parameter to understand the long-term stability of planetary systems. Indeed the AMD can be used to define a criterion guaranteeing the long-term stability: the AMD-stability. The AMD-stability can be used to establish a classification of the multiplanet systems in order to exhibit the planetary systems that are long term stable because they are AMD-stable, and those that are AMD-unstable which then require some additional dynamical studies to conclude on their stability. A tool for computation of AMD-stability is accessible in the planet page

This tool has been realized from a work of Jacques Laskar (IMCCE), Antoine Petit (IMCCE) and Cédric Schott (LESIA/ESEP) : Laskar J. & A. Petit, 2017, AMD-stability and the classification of planetary systems

List of all the exoplanetary systems supported by the AMD stability tool