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Overview of planet searches



  1. Planet Detection Methods (pdf; M. Perryman) update 01 January 2018


  2. Papers and Books:


    • L'Univers dans ma poche: Exoplanètes
      The Universe in my pocket: Exoplanets
      El Universo en mi bolsillo: Exoplanetas

    • HALBWACHS J.-L., EGERT D. & HAMEURY J.-M., 2006
      Formation planétaire et explanètes
      in Ecole de Goutelas 2005 
      Full Text (in French)


    • PERRYMAN M., 2011
      The Exoplanet Handbook
      Cambridge University Press
      Content and Chapter 5


    • PERRYMAN M., 2000
      Extra-solar planets.
      Rep. on Progress in Phys.63, 1209
      paper (easier to access at ESA)


    • SCHNEIDER J., 1999b
      The study of extrasolar planets: methods of detection, first discoveries and future perspectives
      C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris327, Serie II b, 621 1999


    • SCHNEIDER J., 2001
      Encyclopeadia of Astron. & Astrophys.


    • UDRY S., 2000
      Planètes extra-solaires.
      in Etoiles doubles. Ecole CNRS de Goutelas XXIII (2000) Eds. D. Egret, J.-L. Halbwachs, J.-M. Hameury


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