General professional Web sites relevant to extrasolar planets

  1. Exoplanets: an interactive version of XKCD 1071

  2. HEK   (The Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler)

  3. Exoplanets in binaries and multiple systems   (Richard Schwarz )

  4. Naming exoplanets (IAU)  

  5. California & Carnegie Planet Search
    Extrasolar Planet Research at San Francisco State University
    The Anglo-Australian Planet Search

  6. Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search Programmes

  7. NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program

  8. Pulsar planets

  9. Forum on extrasolar planets Archives
    dedicated to professional infos on extra-solar planets; maintained by Fabien Malbet and Jean Schneider, France

  10. ExoMol

  11. The Habitable Zone Gallery

  12. Habitable Zones in Multiple Star Systems   (Mueller & Haghighipour)

  13. Extrasolar Habitability and Life:

  14. Other catalogues:

  15. List of Surface biosignatures of exo-Earths (Hedge et al.) 

  16. List of Brown Dwarfs (by Wm. Robert Johnston)

  17. K2 Light Curves surveys   (HAT Team)

  18. HUNTER Habitable zone UNcerTainty EstimatoR (Andreas Zsom)

  19. Planets around giant stars   (Sabin Reffert)

  20. Mass-radius Forecaster   (Jingjing Chen)

  21. The California-Kepler Survey  

  22. Topography of (exo)planets
    From Landais, Schmidt & Levejoy MNRAS 2019 paper

  23. Resolved debris discs Nicole Pawellek (MPIA Heidelberg, Germany) and Alexander Krivov (AIU Jena, Germany)

  24. The Circumstellar Disk Learning Site Paul Kalas

  25. Circumstellar Disks