Observability Predictor

This tool provides model-based Star-Planet Separation, Star to Planet Relative Flux and Planet Polarization (in visible-reflected light). The evolution with time of these parameters are displayed with histograms or with 3D scatter plots (X, Y, color). PNG images and data can also be saved.

The computations use parameters from the database when available. Otherwise, default values (in color on the web page) are provided from an Earth-like planet model (warning: they could be far from actual values).
All orbital and albedo parameters can be modified by the user.

- The computation of Contrast ratio and Polarization need albedo values (wavelength dependent), generally unknown. The wavelength dependency is taken into account through the choice of albedo values.
- The tool does not consider thermal emission but only reflected light, so the computed contrast is not correct for young hot objects. This improvement will be done later.
- ref article at http://arxiv.org/abs/1505.03082

This tool has been realized from a work of Guillaume Schworer  by Marco Mancini, from the V.O. Team of the Paris Observatory.