Planet WISE 0458+6434 b

Name WISE 0458+6434 b
Discovered in 2011
Mass 10.0 MJ
Semi-major axis 5.0 AU
Orbital period 25800.0 day
Update Jan. 16, 2014
Detection Method Imaging
Mass Detection Method
Radius Detection method
Molecules detected
Primary transit
Secondary transit
Anomaly angle
impact Parameter b
Time Vr=0
Velocity Semiamplitude K
Calculated temperature
Measured temperature 500.0 K
Hottest point longitute
Surface gravity log(g/gH)
Alternate Names

Observability Predictor


16 Jan 2014: This object is designed as WISE 0458+6434B by Gelino et al. (2011).


Name WISE 0458+6434 A
Distance 10.5 (± 1.4) pc
Spectral type T 8.5
Apparent magnitude V
Mass 0.01 MSun
Age 1.0 Gyr
Effective temperature 600.0 K
Metallicity [Fe/H]
Detected Disc
Magnetic Field
RA2000 04:58:54.0
Dec2000 +64:34:53
Alternate Names
Planetary system 1 planet

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WISE Brown Dwarf Binaries: The Discovery of a T5+T5 and a T8.5+T9 System
2011 GELINO Ch., KIRKPATRICK J., CUSHING M., EIDENHARDT P., GRIFFITH R. & 4 additional authors
Astron. J., 142, 57
paper  arxiv