Planet GJ 317 c

Name GJ 317 c
Discovered in 2007
Mass 2.0 (± 0.0) MJ
Semi-major axis 30.0 (± 10.0) AU
Orbital period > 10000.0 day
Eccentricity 0.81
ω 210.0 deg
Update Nov. 14, 2011
Detection Method Radial Velocity
Mass Detection Method
Radius Detection method
Molecules detected
Primary transit
Secondary transit
Anomaly angle
impact Parameter b
Time Vr=0
Velocity Semiamplitude K
Calculated temperature
Measured temperature
Hottest point longitute
Geometric albedo
Surface gravity log(g/gH)
Alternate Names

Observability Predictor


Planet to be confirmed by additional RV measurements (Johnson et al. 2007)


Name GJ 317
Distance 15.1 (± 0.22) pc
Spectral type M3.5
Apparent magnitude V 12.0
Mass 0.42 (± 0.05) MSun
Effective temperature 3510.0 (± 50.0) K
Metallicity [Fe/H] 0.36 (± 0.2)
Detected Disc
Magnetic Field
RA2000 08:40:59.0
Dec2000 -23:27:23
Alternate Names
Planetary system 2 planets

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Astrometry and radial velocities of the planet host M dwarf GJ 317: new trigonometric distance, metallicity and upper limit to the mass of GJ 317b
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